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Transitioning to the Long-Line Release

As it is quite obvious, this site has received little to no attention in the past nine months. Truthfully, it received only a little more in the several months before that too.

There are easy reasons for this—finishing up a Master’s program and a demanding work schedule top the list. But beyond that has been a growing dissatisfaction with the kind of writing that I have done here. There are a few pieces of which I am quite proud, but most have felt incomplete at best—the germ of an idea and perhaps its seedling, but without its maturity. However, with the completion of my degree, I’ve been able to revive my intellectual life and to reflect on what comes next.

Thus, today is the official start of a new project that I began working on a few months ago—the Long-Line Release. The goal of the LLR will be to publish one long(ish) form piece per month, on an eclectic variety of issues. It will be intentionally directed toward more sustained, thorough treatments of subjects such as fly fishing, hiking and backpacking, religion, culture, public education, business and finance, book reviews, scientific issues, history, environmental concerns, and more. Some will be esoteric and only of interest to a narrow group. Others will be more broad. Basically, I plan to write about things that I find engaging and worthy of something more.

That new start also means that, for the foreseeable future, this project will no longer be updated. I will likely expand or update some of the work that I did here for the LLR, but this site will continue to maintain the status quo of the last several months. I am grateful for those of you who have read my work, commented, or otherwise engaged what I’ve done here. For that, I am truly grateful.

The Long-Line Release is officially up and running, and the first piece is live.  I encourage you to join me over there.