My First Stuff Sack

I made my first stuff sack tonight.  It is an achievement that lacks any distinction whatsoever.

Miriam and I are heading out tomorrow afternoon for a last minute trip up the backside of Many Glacier, into the Belly River, and out through Ptarmigan Tunnel.  It is one of the few pseudo-loops in the Many Glacier area (we’ll have to walk the road or hitch the three or four miles to our car at the trailhead).

I realized on my last trip that the Outdoor Recreation—i.e., the Wal-Mart store brand—stuff sack I had been using was already coming apart.  So, I decided to sew up a dry-bag style sack that was large enough to fit the 12×20″ OPSak for bear-bagging.  I had a piece of silnylon leftover from the tarp that was just the right size, and I used some leftover grosgrain ribbon and the buckle from the old stuff sack.  All told, it weighs 0.92 ounces (26 grams) before seam sealing.  I’ll do that another day since the OPSak should already be waterproof.

I may find this size to be too large for most trips—I am already on the fence about the 12×20″ size for the OPSak.  But, regardless, I had a blast tonight quickly executing a project without any prior planning.  My stitching quality is still uneven, but there are several sections that I am extremely proud of.  It’s not perfect and the project was simple, but my sewing is clearly progressing.

Now I have one item closer to a kit that is almost entirely MYOG.  It’s a good night, even if being excited by such a project is a little silly.


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