MYOG Bonanza

Today was a very productive day.  Not only did I help with a fair amount of yardwork, but I finished two major MYOG projects.

The first—a tarp.  I’m quite proud of this one.  I made quite a few mistakes, but I learned even more.  This is the first thing I have sewn—pretty much ever, but I’m really happy with how it turned out.  More than that, I’m already excited to try my hand at other sewing projects (I have a pack drawn up already).  The silnylon is from DIY Gear Supply—the grey is somewhat cheery underneath, and the tarp is large enough to give me lots of coverage as I learn to use it well.  I’m really looking forward to its freedom and openness.

The tarp set up and ready for seam sealing

Nice and spacious with plenty of good views

The second—a bivy which Miriam sewed up for me as a belated Valentine’s Day gift.  She actually finished it about three weeks ago, but the zipper kept getting stuck in the top fabric, so I added a line of stitching along the zipper this morning.  It worked out just right too—I ran out of thread just as I finished reinforcing a couple of seams.  The top is Momentum 90 and the bottom Shield Silnylon—both from Thru-Hiker.

The bivy, all zipped up

The bivy, all opened up

The total weight of the bivy came out to 6.70 ounces (or 190 grams).  The tarp came out to 11.04 ounces (313 grams) without seam-sealing or guylines—a pretty useless weight as both are essential for the field.  I’ll update once the silicone dries.

I am planning an overnight trip for Monday and Tuesday, and I’d like to use these instead of the Rainbow.  No matter what, it has been a good day.


UPDATE:  After leaving the tarp set up in the yard, I realized that the apex points needed some reinforcement.  So, I sewed a patch of Dyneema X Gridstop in each apex then seam-sealed the tarp.  All told, with the added material, guylines, and seam-sealing, it weighs 12.49  ounces (or 354 grams).


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