Change of Plans

My plans for the month of May have changed dramatically.  What they were matters little now.  The change has been dramatic enough that I am making entirely new plans.

On Saturday, I bought a plane ticket to Texas.  On Sunday, my grandfather passed.  On Monday, I flew to Texas, was delayed, and had to spend the evening in the DFW Metro.  On Tuesday, I drove in to East Texas for the visitation.  On Wednesday, the funeral.  On Thursday, more time with family.  Today and tomorrow, I drive to DFW and back to drop off my brother and my wife.

Things are not all bad.  I had not planned on being able to spend such time with my extended family, nor had I planned on seeing Bernie at its Carthage premier.  Both of these are excellent things amidst grief and change.  I hope to do more, especially once the pace of the past few days slows.  Such interludes are life—rather than its abrogation.

New calves on the Wedgeworth farm

On Wednesday, I will return to DFW for the last time in the near future to stay with a friend.  On Thursday before sunrise, I will return to Montana and the unfinished projects and the newly open trails that I had before me when I left.  Until then, I am looking forward to the meantime.


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