My Stitches Are Getting Straighter

I bought five yards of silicone-impregnated nylon in January to make a tarp patterned after Jay Ham’s BPL article, 5 Yards to SUL.  Since then, I have contracted pneumonia, started another round of graduate school, and begun substitute teaching and job searching.  I have plenty of reasons for delaying this first MYOG (make your own gear) project—not least, learning to sew—, but I have even more excuses for my dawdling.

But this week—no more!  Last night, I finished a mock-up of the tarp with some cheap nylon (giving me ample time to learn and practice some basic sewing skills), and I am proud to say that my stitches are getting straighter.  There’s a reason for no macro shots of the seams, there is some pretty abysmal stitching in there.  Now that I have made and corrected ample mistakes on the prototype, I am ready for the real thing.

More will be coming soon.  If I finish it in time, I hope to test it out this weekend.


2 thoughts on “My Stitches Are Getting Straighter

  1. DaveC

    Pin the crap out of it, and sew from the middle outwards in both directions. Without a walking foot the upper piece will tend to move faster than the lower.

    1. GR Post author

      Thanks for the suggestion. I picked up a walking foot today for the final product. Copious pinning was indeed helpful on the prototype. I’ll be keeping that up.


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