Apgar Facts

(1)  Snowshoes, like politicians, are a necessary evil.  A person can get by without both, but the process is painful, slow, and probably not worth it.  Also, like politicians, snowshoes do not work as well as advertised.  That said, there are occasional moments where the two perform exceedingly well.
Morning's Task
(2)  My ass is out of shape.

(3)  When said gluteal muscles are not fully prepared for fast and light wilderness travel, the patient forbearance of a hiking partner is a generous gift.

(4) Supper is always good. Blackberries and excellent company make it better.
(5)  Photographs commit a fundamental injustice against sunsets.  The reification of light betrays the transient movement of the event.

(6)  I still really like taking pictures of sunsets.
Evening Light
(7)  Nothing beats a tarp with a view—even if your socks are frozen in the morning.
(8) Days such as this are gifts.
Down the Slope
(9) In the absence of skis, glissading on your butt down a pristine slope is exhilarating. It also provides a welcome massage to gluteals and hamstrings sore from the previous day.

(10) It is a rare opportunity to view reforestation up close. Unfortunately, that opportunity comes with unstable snow, hidden heat sinks, copious deadfall, and bruised shins. It is also—without a doubt—worth it.
(11) Gifts are to be shared.


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